Health Services in Porcupine Plain

The Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) is pleased to announce the addition of a third physician position in Porcupine Plain. This is part of an overall strategy for stabilizing emergency services in the community. This strategy also includes securing locum coverage where there are temporary gaps in physician coverage, piloting a new Virtual Physician (VP) program, and capitalizing on incentive programs to attract the required staff for stable 24-hour per day emergency coverage.

For more information, please visit the SHA website.

Community Garage Sale

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Albino Robin Spotted in Porcupine Plain

In April 2023, Don Forbes spotted an “albino” robin in Porcupine Plain. 

The lack of pigment in feathers – called leucism or albinism – seems to occur more often in robins than in most other birds.  However, this finding is still quite rare, with the condition affecting only about one out of every 30,000 robins!  Albino birds completely lack the natural pigment known as melanin; leucistic birds, on the other hand, produce melanin but can’t deposit it into their feathers.  Fully albino robins will also have red or pink eyes, while leucistic birds will still have their normal coloured eyes.  Leucistic birds may even have partial leucism resulting in a “pied” or mottled appearance.

Don Forbes, who has been birdwatching for 80 years, showed the writer an image from the 1970s of a partially white robin.  His finding this spring, however, is his first time spotting a fully white robin!


Thank you, Volunteers!


During National Volunteer Week, April 16-22, 2023, we celebrate our volunteers – the time, talent and energy they share to strengthen the fabric of our community. From members of community groups and organizations, to those who give generously of their time at events and fundraisers, the Town of Porcupine Plain thanks all of our volunteers for making Porcupine Plain a wonderful place to live and visit.


PPCS Bears HOOPLA Bound!

PPCS Bears are HOOPLA bound!

After their Regional Playoff success this past weekend, the PPCS Bears basketball team will be heading to HOOPLA, which will be held in Prince Albert between March 23-25.  The boys play their first game at 4:15p.m. on Friday, March 24 at St. Mary’s High School.  For more information or to view the weekend’s game schedule, please visit HOOPLA 2023 (

Micro Grant Program supports Porcupine Plain Businesses

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With rising costs due to inflation, labour, supply issues and transportation fees, the Porcupine Plain Economic Development Committee recognizes that local businesses may be finding it difficult to budget for marketing activities.  The PP EDC has therefore partnered with Community Futures Newsask to provide a Micro Grant Program to support the Porcupine Plain business community.  This program will provide up to $1,000 per business, as the budget allows, to offset marketing costs incurred between January 1, 2023 and April 30, 2023.  

Eligible marketing activities include the following: online marketing, social media advertising, website renewal or development, tradeshow attendance, mailouts, newspaper or radio ads, signs, and brochures.

The PP EDC welcomes applications from Porcupine Plain and area businesses of any size and industry.  Copies of the Funding Guidelines & Application Form are available at the Town Office or by emailing  Each business will have to include in their application a budget detailing how those monies have been or will be utilized before April 30, 2023.  Applications are due by March 31, 2023. 

Unity in our Community – Breaking Bread in Reconciliation

Written by Debbie Holinaty

‘Unity in Our Community – Breaking Bread in Reconciliation’ began as an idea to bring people together to share in each others’ culture as a potluck. This idea evolved and became a mini ‘Folkfest’ with Metis, Filipino, Ukrainian, and Norwegian heritages presenting cultural foods, art, history, song and dance.

This event took an entire community coming together to make happen, with Metis Nation Saskatchewan Eastern Region II leading the way. Eastern Region II, ER II Elders’ Branch and Porcupine Plain Metis Local hosted the event and represented Metis culture. The Metis display started at the entrance with a 10×15 foot canvas tent and wood stove; once inside, it included tables full of traditional clothing brought by Ethel Lee-Colby. Elder Margaret Harrison shared her fry bread (including her recipe) and craft display, as well as demonstrated chokecherry crushing and frying saskatoons. Regional Director Brent Digness prepared Moose Stew and Leona Kwiatkowski had fresh bannock coming out of the kitchen throughout the day.

Creeland Dancers and The Dean Smith Band were invited to showcase Metis song and dance. Amy Seesequasis of the Creeland Dancers took the time to speak to the audience about the importance of creating safe spaces for people to share their culture and identity. She said, “This event is a beautiful event because it is based on reconciliation and we often hear that word ‘reconciliation’. And what reconciliation is, is when we recognize that we all have a shared history here; whether we are a settler, newcomer or First Nations and Metis descent, we all have a shared history here and we should all make sure that we all honor that shared history, and honor the cultures that came here and helped to form these territories. And that we make authentic relationships with each other based on that understanding that we have a shared history and that we all have cultures that matter. And that way, we make safe and inclusive societies where people are able to thrive and be able to speak the languages and do the cultural practices that are important to them and their identity. Because it’s important we do that together, beautiful celebration in here today.” Regional Director Brent Digness agrees wholeheartedly with Amy’s words, as he shares this same vision. Amy went on to speak many more messages throughout their performance. The Dean Smith Band accompanied Creeland Dancers for their dances and also played throughout the day in between cultural displays; they even had the dance floor full of audience members waltzing a couple of times.

Julie Hall and Trinidad Francisco, representatives for the Filipino community within Porcupine Plain, organized an incredible performance of the Philippines’ national anthem, several beautiful dances, and professional singer Nino Hernandez serenaded his wife Raquel. The Filipino community shared Adobo chicken and pork, spring rolls, rice noodle dish and desserts, and had beautiful displays of artwork.

After the fantastic performance showcasing the Philippines, representatives from all 4 cultures present gathered together to cut the beautiful cake graciously created and donated by Koral Kriger. Although she couldn’t be present for this event, she “wanted to show her support by donating a cake with a design that embodied the spirit of the event itself. Inspired by Metis beadwork, the flowers in the design are the national flowers of Ukraine, Norway and the Philippines; all the flowers are connected, much as we are within our community.”

Ukraine representatives, Evelyn Polowski and Sheena Thorpe, had a beautiful display of tablecloths and Psanky (Easter eggs) on their table, as well as other items including mannequins in traditional clothing brought in by the Porcupine Plain & District Museum. They also had, in true Ukrainian fashion, an incredible amount of food to share! Perogies, buckwheat and rice cabbage rolls, garlic sausage, Borscht and Sauerkraut Soup, and Kutia (Wheat Berry Pudding).

Myrna Smith and her daughter Debbie-Lori Stuart represented Norway with a beautiful display and delicious foods! Lefse (a soft flatbread), moose meatballs, mashed potatoes and gravy, and krumkake were a huge hit! Myrna put together a slideshow presentation of Norwegian song and dance.

Doors opened to the public at 2 pm with people already sneaking in 10 minutes early! By 2:15, the Community Hall had a good size crowd. We asked that people sign our guestbook and enter their name into a draw for the doorprize of a beautiful knitted blanket made by Debora Dmytriw. At the entrance table, Laurie Althouse sold bucket raffle tickets with proceeds going towards Porcupine Air Cadets and to Larwood-Shaw Memorial Swimming Pool. The Porcupine Air Cadets played a huge role in the success of this event with them setting up tables the night before, being present to assist throughout the event, and cleaning up when it was over.

At approximately 2:30 pm, Regional Director Brent Digness introduced Julie Hall to open with a prayer followed by Heidi Leach singing ‘O Canada’. Hugh Nerlien, MLA for Kelvington-Wadena, thanked Brent for his work ‘building community as part of the reconciliation efforts we are collectively committed to in Saskatchewan.’  Mayor Nick Wood followed by saying, “The future of this community can only prosper through growth, the other option is stagnation. The Town of Porcupine Plain is grateful to be a partner in both reconciliation and unity. It is not our place to dictate the terms or conditions of that, but to listen and learn and find out where we can help provide a space to build that. Anything else would be a continuation of the process that has caused so much damage already.”

Regional Director Brent Digness thanked Hugh Nerlien and Nick Wood for “communication that has opened up the doors for great opportunities for all citizens who live in this great province of Saskatchewan. And it’s this growth, this communication, that’s going to continue building the Metis Nation, our province, our country as strong as it has been and what it can be forever.” 

As Brent Digness also said, reconciliation is ongoing.  “This is only the beginning and, when your community is open to learning and engaged in the cultures, I encourage our citizens to continue to be involved.”

The major sponsor for this event was BHP Jansen. As well, the Town of Porcupine Plain, MN-S Eastern Region II, ER II Elders’ Branch, and Porcupine Plain Metis Local made contributions.


PCU Park Outdoor Rink

Mr. Riley and his Grade 10 Industrial Arts class, and Deanna Smith from Affinity Credit Union, with the newly installed boards and nets at PCU Park Outdoor Rink

PCU Park is a beautiful green space in the heart of Porcupine Plain’s downtown, providing the perfect space for residents and visitors to connect.  The Park is  frequently host to fundraisers for community organizations, as well as to barbeques and other events sponsored by local businesses.  It is a great spot to sit down for lunch or an ice cream cone, have a picnic, or play on the grass; in the winter, you can enjoy Christmas decorations or spend quality time with friends and family on the Outdoor Rink.

Several years ago, the Porcupine Credit Union decided to lease the lot to create additional parking for staff, with a plan to revitalize the lot which many years ago  housed the Co-op fuel station. To date, the Co-op owns the lot and the Credit Union leases it.  In 2018, Porcupine Credit Union merged with Affinity Credit Union, and it seemed only fitting to name the park after Porcupine Credit Union by calling it PCU Park.

After parking stalls were built, grass was planted and a small walking path and sitting area were added.  The Credit Union purchased a shed, Parkland Co-op donated insulation, and Altitude Electric donated wiring for spotlights and heaters, to create a warmup shack.  In 2021, a cement pad was installed to allow year-round use of the rink space.  And, this winter, Mr. Riley and the PPCS Grade 10 Industrial Arts class built and installed boards, as well as netting, to protect nearby vehicles and buildings.  Members of the Porcupine Plain & District Volunteer Fire Department give generously of their time each year to flood the rink and Co-op & Affinity Credit Union staff take pride in decorating the space for the holidays and ensuring the ice is clear of snow and ready for use.

It is a fantastic thing to watch these cooperative entities team up for such a great project.  PCU Park truly is a Labour of Love — the smiles and laughter of children while they play a friendly game of hockey speaks volumes.

Thank you to everyone who makes PCU Park a vibrant and enjoyable space for all to enjoy!

Thank you for Shopping Local this Holiday Season

Koral Kriger (right) presents $500 in Christmas Cash to grand prize winner, Crystal Greavette (left)

After a two-year break, the Porcupine Plain Economic Development Committee was thrilled to once again be able to host its annual Christmas Cash promotion.  Every purchase or transaction made at participating merchants between November 14 & December 9, 2022 received an entry into the draw.  The draw was made on Saturday, December 10th, at the Parkland Co-op’s Santa Day, where Koral Kriger, Community Development Officer for the Town of Porcupine Plain, was joined by Santa and Mrs. Claus to thank residents for shopping local and to announce the winners. 

Congratulations to Lowell Heustis, Gaylene Sproull, Aaron Small, and Donna Rodgers, who each won $100; Sharon & Lyle Birch and Tracy Knudsen, who won $250; and Crystal Greavette, who won the grand prize of $500.  Prizes were handed out in the form of Christmas Cash, which can be spent at any of the participating merchants.

Thank you to the businesses who made this promotion possible:  Parkland Co-op, Slobodian Pharmacy, Fields, Caroline’s Restaurant, Bits n Pieces, Lueur Luxury Esthetics, Klimm McKee Law, Affinity Credit Union, & the Porcupine Plain Economic Development Committee. 


December News

Holiday Tree Lighting 2022

On Thursday, December 1st, Johnston Agencies hosted the 9th Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony. Although the weather outside was frightful for most of the day, by evening the wind had settled down, and about 150 people gathered in person for the festivities, with many more joining the livestream on Facebook thru the Porcupine Plain Holiday Tree Lighting page, where the video is still available.

Nick Wood, Mayor of Porcupine, welcomed the crowd and chatted a bit about the spirit of volunteerism, acknowledging the award that the evening’s host, Johnston Agencies, had received earlier in the year from the Insurance Brokers Association of Saskatchewan for community involvement. Nick then outlined the criteria for being nominated as the “Official Tree Lighter” which includes being an active community member, and someone that carries the spirit of Christmas kindness with them year round.

Estelle Leichert, former resident of Porcupine Plain (now of Saskatoon), then came forward to introduce her friend, fellow volunteer, former employer, and this year’s Tree Lighter, Glenda Kwasney. 

In 1982 Glenda started working with Jim’s tax service, and in 1991 became her own boss with Porcupine Accounting. It was a good year to start in the accounting industry because it was the same year that GST was introduced! As a member of the business community, Glenda has done lots of volunteer bookkeeping for the small charities in town, always has an item to donate or time to give to a local fundraiser, and often her office is known as the drop off for many groups.  She has served as the Playschool teacher, Sunday School Teacher, member of the Anglican United Church Women’s Group, and Fall Supper organizer. She was very involved in the annual sports day committee for many years as the treasurer and helping to organize and volunteer at the sports day. She has served two terms on the Parkland Co-op Board, and is currently a board member of the Centennial Lodge.  Glenda has also been involved with the Larwood Shaw Memorial Swimming Pool Committee since it’s inception, and is helping to bridge the gap of knowledge with the new pool build. She has done books for the pool, wrote grant applications, worked bingos, organized and served farmers market lunches and pretty much every job in between.  Glenda has been married to her husband Fred for over 45 years, and has three children and seven grandchildren that she helps whenever she can!

Glenda then lit the tree and was presented with a small lantern as a token of appreciation for her  dedication to the community, as well as an ornament that commemorates her as the 2022 Official Tree Lighter. This ornament will hang on “Ornament Row” next to the Christmas tree, along with those of the previous recipients.

Amber Hoffus of Johnston Agencies, event sponsor, then thanked the people involved in the event, and wished everyone a Merry Christmas from the Johnston Agencies Team. The kids in the crowd quickly lined up for sleigh rides, given by Dallas Langevin of Roblin, MB, and the rest of the crowd huddled around the blazing bonfire built by the Porcupine Volunteer Fire Department with the leadership of Retired Fire Chief Dave Hipkins, to drink hot chocolate, eat cookies baked by the Porcupine Comprehensive Food Services classes, and visit with neighbours and friends.


Left to Right: Nino Hernandez, Lana Woulfe, Danielle Quiring-Webking, Bobbie-Jean Buchanan, Barry Leier, Marilyn Jonas, Vernon Armitage, Muriel Cameron

Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Medal (Sask) Presentation 

At a presentation held on December 2nd at the Kelvington Legion Hall, several residents of Porcupine Plain & Area were presented with a Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Medal (Sask) in recognition of their significant contributions to their communities.  The Crown in Canada has a long history of instituting  commemorative medals during important years; since the 1935 Silver Jubilee of King George V, commemorative medals have been awarded to recognize all manners of service to Crown and Country, be it at the local, provincial, national or international levels.  As part of the 70th anniversary of Her Majesty ascending the throne as Queen of Canada, this long tradition of creating commemorative medals has continued.  In the absence of a Federal Platinum Jubilee Medal program, six provinces have established Jubilee Medals of their own, each with the same ribbon, overall design and criteria.  The design of the medal was approved by Her Majesty the Queen at  Windsor Castle on May 17, 2022.

The Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Medal is a tangible way for Saskatchewan to honour Her Late Majesty for Her service to Canada, while also recognizing the significant contributions and achievements by Saskatchewan citizens.  The Porcupine Plain & Area residents honoured on December 2nd included Vernon Armitage, Bobbie-Jean Buchanan, Muriel Cameron, Nino Hernandez, Marilyn Jonas, George Kays, Barry Leier, Tom Lindenback, Danielle Quiring-Webking, as well as Peggy
Looby and Lana Woulfe of Bjorkdale.  Collette Bourgonje was also named as a recipient.