• Porcupine Regional Waste Site

    Porcupine Regional Waste Site Porcupine Plain   Hours of Operation Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays   8am – 3pmWaste Site Disposal Fee Changes located under RESIDENTS Town Office  

  • Town Clothing

    Town Clothing Available Town Office STOP IN TO THE TOWN OFFICE AND CHECK OUT OUR LATEST ARRIVALS !!! Porcupine Plain town t-shirts ; hoodies & zip-up hoodies and now caps are now available to purchase at the Town Office. New Ladies t-shirts are now in – long sleeve style available!   T-shirts are available in a variety […]

  • Boil Water Advisories

    BOIL WATER ADVISORIES & BOIL WATER ORDERS (Health Canada)   During boil water advisories or boil water orders, you should boil all water used for drinking, preparing food, beverages, ice cubes, washing fruits and vegetables, or brushing teeth.  Severely immunocompromised individuals should always boil their tap water for the purposes noted above.  Infant formulas should be prepared […]