Greenland Waste & Recycle

Greenland Waste comes to Porcupine Plain every Thursday to pick up residents’ and businesses’ garbage one week and recycling the next. Please do not overfill your garbage and recycling bins and ensure that the lids are CLOSED — the lids MUST be closed in order for the truck to make a proper pick-up.

Your BLUE bin is for Recyclable items only!  Greenland only accepts Plastics labeled #2-7 — DO NOT place any unnumbered or #1 plastic in the blue bins. Please put all Garbage in the BROWN bin.  Take all yard refuse (plants, branches, grass clippings, leaves, untreated wood) to the compost site at the end of Pine Street and dump in the designated areas.  Treated lumber should be taken to the Porcupine & Area Transfer Station. 

Do not place garbage or yard refuse in your recycling bin!  The truck picks up the recycling and takes it to a recycling depot.  If even one cart contains a non-recyclable item, the entire load will be considered contaminated and will be rejected by the depot as they are not able to bale the items.  There is then a contamination fee that has to be paid.  Please be diligent and do not put any garbage in your blue recycle bin.  It defeats the purpose of others recycling if even one bin is considered contaminated. If this continues to occur, the community could be removed from the recycling program.  If you are unsure if an item is recyclable, the rule of thumb is to put it in the garbage bin so you are not contaminating an entire load of recycling.

Please review the list of allowable recyclables here:



2023 Waste & Recycle Calendar – Click to enlarge


2024 Waste & Recycle Calendar – Click to enlarge


PAPER:  Flattened cardboard, Cereal boxes, Detergent boxes, Tissue boxes, Newspapers, Flyers, Inserts, Junk mail, Magazines, Catalogues, Paperback books, Telephone books, Letter quality paper, Brown paper bags, Tissue roll cores, Envelopes with and without windows, Copy paper, Computer printouts.  Shredded paper to be bagged. If putting recyclables in a bag it Must be a clear bag!

TIN:  All canned food tins and any Household tin & aluminum is allowed.  Make sure all are cleaned and rinsed! 

PLASTICS:  All grades of household plastics Numbers 1 thru 7, as well as non-contaminated food wrap and plastic shopping bags.  Please put all bags in one bag and tie so they don’t float away when dumping.


PAPER:  Waxes, Plasticized, Food-contaminated paper or cardboard, Cups or Plates, Soiled tissues, napkins & paper towels, Styrofoam or foam packaging.

TIN:  Scrap metals, Propane tanks, Gas or fuel containers, Wire or plastic hangers, Scrap wire.

PLASTICS:  Oil jugs, Auto parts, Contaminated food or product wrap, Outside plastic, Lawn chairs, Kids toys, Outdoor plastic furniture, Plastic hangers.