Hunting & Fishing



If you like hunting and fishing you have come the right spot. The area surrounding Porcupine Plain boasts some of the best big game hunting found anywhere. Moose, elk and whitetail deer of trophy size are regularly harvested.

Enjoy migratory bird hunting? Then welcome to excellent goose and duck hunting. The myriad of small lakes surrounding Porcupine Plain provide excellent habitat with large numbers of water fowl nesting in the area while in addition being attractive to the migrating northerns. Want a real treat? Try hunting the ruffed grouse that habits the forest and wooded farmland. Not familiar with this area please try one of the many outfitters in our area whose expertise and familiarity with the area will help ensure a successful hunt and wonderful holiday.






Within minutes of Porcupine Plain are a number of lakes, including Greenwater and Steiestol, which are stocked regularly and provide excellent fishing opportunity for Northern Pike, Walleye, Perch and Rainbow Trout.




Hawkrock Outfitters (306) 278-3351 or (306) 278-7159
Big Spruce Outfitting (306)813-7770
Dahl Creek Outfitters  (306)278-7675
Big Foot Outfitters (306) 278-2362
Lawson Creek Outfitters (306) 278-2415 or (306) 373-3247
Schmidt’s Outdoors (306) 278-3373