LSM Swimming Pool

Announcement of April 2021

As you all are aware, the Larwood-Shaw Memorial Swimming Pool has not been operational since 2019 due to structural damages caused by a water line break. An insurance claim was made and the Town has just received news that the claim has been approved. The Town is now faced with opportunities that have arisen from this successful claim.

What is the best course of action moving forward? Does the community fundraise and commit tax dollars to reconstruct and maintain a pool at that location? Or, do we look at renovating the entire lot to create a recreational oasis that has multiple uses and features for all age groups, that will be more fiscally responsible and sustainable for our community? Does one transform the location into a recreational hub, with upgraded campgrounds, a splash park, skate park, outdoor fitness equipment and obstacle course, a farmer’s market/picnic shelter, picnic tables and park benches, and walking/bike paths, as well as a youth hangout center — or do we simply replace the pool?

The buyout from the swimming pool claim would fully cover the funds required to create a multiple recreational space, providing community enrichment and socialization for all demographics, with minimal operational costs moving forward. The site could offer something different for many ages to enjoy while being accessible longer hours and for more months of the year.  A spray park would provide a safe recreation opportunity for parents and grandparents of young children, as well as for daycares, nannies and babysitters, without financial barriers for participation; a skate park would be enjoyed by elementary- to high school-aged children; outdoor fitness equipment would provide free exercise and training options for teens, adults and seniors during the summer months, and would include accessible equipment for those with disabilities or mobility issues; an obstacle course would provide active play to children, improving motor skills and sensory processing, as well as opportunities for conditioning and agility training for teens and adults; and a picnic shelter could be used by the Porcupine Farmers Market for outdoor markets, by local businesses for sponsored BBQs, or by committees for trade shows and other fundraising events, as well as by residents and visitors for family gatherings, baby and bridal showers, and other safe, socially-distanced get-togethers.   Installation of a walking/bike path, park benches and picnic tables will create opportunities for safe social connectivity, walkability and bike-ability, and will ensure that those with disabilities and mobility issues are also able to access and visit recreation facilities.

Since the pool would have to be replaced entirely, the insurance monies would not be sufficient; further funds and a long-term plan for ongoing operations would need to be secured to cover the shortages. 

In February, a Community Recreation Survey was mailed out and was made available online regarding recreational options. While the Surveys demonstrated the importance of having swimming lessons, as well as the community’s desire to have the swimming pool return, the Surveys also identified a demand for other opportunities to increase physical fitness, health and wellness, and to enjoy nature and the outdoors – specifically identifying the need for walking/bike paths, fitness facilities, and facilities for seniors and those with disabilities/mobility issues.

In addition, many stakeholders have been consulted since the insurance claim was put in motion.  Since the Wheaton Family so generously donated funds for the original pool, whatever route ends up being taken, we have assured them that the park will always remain “Larwood-Shaw Memorial”, with a donation wall in place recognizing those that have continually donated in the past.  The Wheatons are enthusiastic about the possible new direction and are 100% behind a different approach, as they understand the realities that come with operating an outdoor pool in small-town Saskatchewan.  The LSMP Board is also “on board” with furthering the recreational options where the pool is now situated as they see the value to more accessible and differing options.

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Do you want to make a difference?  Would you like to join the swimming pool/recreation committee?
Please contact the Town Office for further information at 306-278-2262


June 2019:

The Larwood-Shaw Memorial Pool Board Members regret to inform our community of the closure of our facility for the 2019 season.  It was a difficult decision, one we did not take lightly; but, due to unforeseen circumstances, we felt this was the best decision.  The Board is taking this time to regroup and focus on a plan of action. More information will be available within the coming weeks.

The daily operations and decisions pertaining to the Larwood-Shaw Memorial Pool have been taken over by the Town of Porcupine Plain; the board members will continue on as a Fundraising Committee only.

We thank the community for their concern and inquiries regarding the status of the Swimming Pool.  At this time, however, there is no further update available. We can advise that it is the intention of the Town and the LSMP Fundraising Committee to continue our efforts to repair and reopen in as short a time as possible and that, once further information is available, we will advise the community accordingly.

Volunteer efforts will continue with fundraising to ultimately replace our outdoor swimming pool.  All donations received to date will be put towards this major project!  The Board welcomes anyone to join in such efforts by becoming a board member — to ensure this project’s success, we require the support and help of many!

The Board recognizes that this announcement is not a welcome one and will upset and inconvenience many community members.  There are no words to truly express our regret in having to make this decision, but the circumstances are out of our control.  Your understanding and patience as we sort through the details is greatly appreciated.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact Nicole at 306-813-7299.

LSMP Board Members

Estelle Leichert, Koral Kriger, Nicole Turkewich,
Lana Taylor, Tania McMartin, & Keshia Hoffus



The Larwood Shaw Memorial Pool was constructed in 1995, and is dedicated to the memory of Bert Larwood and Jack Shaw. Grateful acknowledgment is given to the Don & Marion Wheaton Family, whose financial assistance made this community project possible. The facility stands as a symbol of the widespread support from the citizens of Porcupine Plain and surrounding communities and of the tireless efforts of those individuals whose work resulted in its completion.

Unfortunately, the Larwood Shaw Memorial Pool could not open the summer of 2019 due to structural damage, and it will remain closed until repairs or replacement can be made.