Thank you to the RM of Porcupine #395

Photo of RM Office taken by Tristan Wingert of Broad Leaf Media

The Town of Porcupine Plain would like to recognize our collaborations with and the contributions made by the RM of Porcupine #395. 

Not only do the Town and RM join forces in operating the Porcupine & District Fire Department (along with the RM of Bjorkdale – Division 1), we also jointly operated the Porcupine Regional Waste Management Authority (PRWMA).  The RM of Porcupine has taken over the waste site location, where they now operate the Porcupine Transfer Station.  We are still working together with all partners to have the PRWMA decommissioned completely.

The RM of Porcupine contributes yearly to facility operation costs; these funds are provided directly to the Chase Place Arena, Curling Rink and Larwood-Shaw Memorial Swimming Pool.  The RM also assisted with the renovations for the Medical Clinic at Quilly’s Community Place and contribute toward doctor recruitment efforts and incentives. 

Last year, we were also successful in creating the new STARS Landing Pad, ensuring residents the swiftest takeoff in their time of need.  The RM and Town continue to work together on the maintenance of the landing pad and the airstrip.

Between the Town of Porcupine Plain and the RM of Porcupine #395, we have been able to offer Koral Kriger full-time employment, which has proven to work out wonderfully for all.

The RM of Porcupine #395 has been splendid to work with.  Thank you for your invaluable partnership and efforts to create a viable and sustainable community.


2020 Tree Lighting went Virtual

On Thursday, November 26th, Johnston Agencies hosted the 7th Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony. The ceremony this year was very different from previous years; in order to comply with Covid-19 best practices, the event was held virtually and streamed live on Facebook.

Bob Nicholson, Deputy Mayor and evening’s emcee, welcomed the viewers at home and talked a bit about how this year’s experience is different than what we’ve come to expect, but that he is still grateful that we can continue this tradition. Bob explained that typically we honor an individual as our “Official Tree Lighter” but that this year we are honoring all Essential Workers.

Mayor Nick Wood then offered a heartfelt and moving speech thanking all of our Community’s Essential Workers. He also implored us to continue to be kind and considerate to one another. His speech in its entirety can be found on page 2.

Bob & Nick then called for the tree to be lit and, after a slight electrical glitch, the Tree and Ornament Row shone brightly. If you get a chance to check out Ornament Row in person, you will see that we have new, more durable ornaments this year, thanks to JilyBee Designs. Bob then recognized that over 280 essential workers would be receiving a small gift certificate, redeemable at any of the Porcupine Plain eateries, as a token of appreciation for their work.

Amber Hoffus of Johnston Agencies, event sponsor, then thanked the people involved in the event, and specifically this year’s honorees, the Essential Workers. Amber reflected upon the lyrics of “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas,” specifically that someday we’ll be together, but until then we’ll muddle through.  Amber encouraged everyone to remember that we are in this together and that being apart won’t last forever.

If you are interested in watching the ceremony, or the short video that highlights some of the more than 280 Essential Workers nominated this year, you can find it on the Porcupine Plain Holiday Tree Lighting Facebook page. 

New Town Council Sworn In

Your new Town Council was sworn in at council meeting on Thursday, November 12th!

Left to Right:  Councillor Bob Nicholson, Councillor Don Ross, Councillor Nicole Genaille, Councillor Craig Kriger, Councillor Karen Wick, Mayor Nick Wood, Councillor Frank Duhaime, Amber Hoffus, and Tim Chmarney

Election Results

Congratulations to our new Town Council!

Frank Duhaime
Nicole Genaille
Craig Kriger
Bob Nicholson
Don Ross
Karen Wick

Click the image below to view the complete results:

Municipal Election


 The Town of Porcupine Plain has received the following nominations for Mayor and Council:

The following person was nominated for position of Mayor:

  • Nick Wood, Co-op Meat Manager

Returning Officer Twyla Salmond declared Nick Wood as Mayor by acclamation.


The Following nine persons have been nominated for the SIX positions of Council:

  • Francois J. Duhaime, Retired
  • Nicole Genaille, Bakery/Deli Manager
  • George Kays, Canadian Armed Forces
  • Craig Kriger, Parts Clerk
  • Anthony (Tony) Lau, Retired Teacher
  • Bob Nicholson, Loans Officer
  • Don Ross, Retired
  • Jaye Salmond, Freelance/Landlord
  • Karen Wick, Insurance Broker

An election will be held on Monday, November 9, 2020, with the Advance Poll being held Thursday, November 5th.  Both Polls will be located in the Gymnasium at Quilly’s Community Place (QCP).

Click HERE for more information regarding the upcoming Municipal Election.

Celebrating the Graduating Class of 2020

With Public Health Orders and several restrictions in place, Porcupine Plain graduation celebrations looked a little different this year.   The graduating class was able to participate in a Grad Parade which took the impeccably dressed graduates all around Town.  Friends and family watched from front lawns and waved and cheered as the graduates drove by — there were even a few cowbells being rung! 

The celebrations continued with a “Reverse Parade”, where the graduates stationed  themselves below their banners along McAllister Avenue (Main Street) and supporters drove by honking, waving, and cheering to show their support for this year’s graduating class.

An amazing Fireworks Show — sponsored by the Parkland Co-op, Town of Porcupine Plain, RM of Porcupine, and Porcupine Sports Days Committee — was the cherry on top of an incredibly touching tribute to the PPCS Graduating Class of 2020.

Graduation Celebrations

The Porcupine Plain Comprehensive School invites the community to celebrate the Graduating Class of 2020 with a socially distanced graduation “ceremony” on Friday, June 26, 2020.  The schedule of events is as follows:

  1. Graduation Parade:  The Graduation Parade will start at 6:20p.m., and will go past all in-town graduates’ homes.  If you reside along the parade route, watch from your lawn and wave, make a sign, or make some noise!  The parade route will be determined and announced.  Please note that the Parade will not be going down Main Street, so please do not park along the street — it needs to remain clear for the Drive-By portion of the evening’s events.
  2. Main Street Drive-By:  Between 7:00 and 8:00 p.m., the graduates will stand on Main Street under their banner.  The community is asked to drive along Main Street honking, waving, and showing your support for the graduates.  Please do not park or walk along Main Street for the duration of the Drive-By event.
  3. Fireworks: Fireworks Show will be at Dusk (after 10p.m.).  Spectators are encouraged to watch from their home backyard or deck, but are welcome to attend at the Sports Grounds provided that they adhere to all parking and social distancing Guidelines posted.  Tune in to 98.5 for accompanying music!  




Quilly Days Cancelled

Good News! – A Message from our Mayor

“I been waiting on some good news;
For the clouds to part and let the light shine through.
I wanna wake up to a better tomorrow.
I had enough, where is the trust, where is the truth?
It’s about time for some good news.”

Lucas Boyd (Classified), Enfield, Nova Scotia

We are living in a complex world with change all around us.  And if this virus is not enough, there are mass shootings, floods and helicopter crashes.  Naturally, this can make us feel uncertain or fearful about the present and future.  The good news is that resiliency — the ability to thrive in times of change and uncertainty — is learned, and Porcupine citizens, you are rockin’ it out of the park!

You have changed your everyday lives to help “flatten the curve” and avoid a spike in cases that would overwhelm our health services. For some of you, that means that you had to self-isolate for two weeks. For others, it will mean that you are now working from home.  Still others continue to have to go to your workplaces because of the essential nature of your job. And some may face the prospect of employment loss. But while the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting our daily routines with changes here at home and around the globe, it’s comforting to know that, amid the uncertainty, there are still moments of strength and hope that showcase the resilience, or grit, that people share in times like these. This will help us get through it together.

There are stories of Porcupinites offering to pick up groceries or help with other tasks for neighbours or those who are unable to leave their homes. There are pictures shared on social media, showing that despite being apart on the opposite sides of the Red Deer Nursing Home glass, the family is still sharing poignant and beautiful moments together. A tribute to our healthcare and essential services workers was ‘rolled out’ in the form of a parade through the town. Citizens are participating in a Quilly Willy Window Walk where windows are decorated weekly in different themes and then documented on social media. And possibly the most resilient of all—a group that is close to my heart—are the students and parents learning at home and the teachers who are working to reach them.

Although it is not an ideal situation, we have been given a chance to reassess our priorities.  This is a unique time in which we can slow down, reflect, listen, and show gratitude towards one another. (Gratitude is an excellent way of finding happiness in these uncertain times). Don’t get me wrong. This can be an extremely stressful time for some. We need to honour the fact that nobody signed up for this. It’s okay to be not okay.  There’s no prize for being the best at pretending to have your you-know-what together. Everyone will have different levels of stress and it manifests in different ways.  But these collective feelings can allow deep connections in our community.  Coping with stress will make us, the people we care about, and our community stronger.  It’s a good time to stock up on compassion and always look for the silver lining, as this will help us get through.  Know that there is hope and resilience in Porcupine Plain, in Saskatchewan, in Canada and, indeed, the world.

Mayor Carol Belchamber

Announcement from Healthcare Auxiliary